the neon graveyard.

jessi + joe in the boneyard – las vegas, nevada.

i’m out in the fabulous las vegas for *the* wedding of the year! this shot is from today’s session in the incomparable boneyard of the neon museum…stay tuned for more…WOOHOO!



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9 responses to “the neon graveyard.

  1. Chris

    This is SO exciting! Love it!

  2. jamie richards

    amazing! i am so excited for them!!!! awesome pic.

  3. christy

    we are thrilled for you both…what a great shot!!!

  4. redic. can’t wait to see more!!

  5. mamasita

    OKAY…this is the BEST pic EVER! love, love, love is all i have to say!

  6. jes&joe


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