inauguration 2009!

1.20.09 :: dc welcomes president barack obama.

proud local artists inspired by obama.

after my exciting morning jaunt (inauguration part I HERE) there was nothing that could keep me from the streets of DC today! bearing in mind the frigid temperatures, we purposely set out late – walking west from chinatown along F ST. the street vendors were out in full force like i’ve never seen – since the streets all around the mall were completely closed to traffic (blocked sporadically by parked metro buses!) they were filled with vendors peddling every type of souvenir imaginable! buttons, boas, hats, puppets, posters, calendars, blankets, and more were auctioned to the thousands passerbys. cutting north to avoid the parade route (sectioned off by heavy duty fences + concrete barricades) we passed the white house and st john’s episcopal church where the obama family attended service this morning. since i knew the mall was closed east of 14th st (filled to capacity!) we pressed on to the lincoln memorial and walked along the mall toward the washington monument. massive jumbotrons displayed the arrival of all the dignitaries of the day and music blasted from the speakers. we positioned ourselves in front of one of the big screens just west of the monument and awaited the start of the ceremony. my goal was not to be as close as possible to the action, but rather just be part of the moment. i loved observing the event amidst a ridiculous mess of enthusiastic people – it was perfect!

the weather was freezing. the crowd was massive. the excitement was palpable. and when barack obama appeared on screen people went wild. i stood shoulder to shoulder with my fellow americans, watching as america inaugurated our 44th president. the chanting of “O-BA-MA” and the clicking of thousands of cameras ceased as he took the stage. collectively, we listened to president obama’s inspiring words – an 18 minute inaugural speech that moved people to tears. and brought about waves of cheering and clapping from an emotional audience.

like so many people, i am so grateful that i was able to be a part of this day. i am prouder than ever to be an american and i am hopeful + optimistic about the future.

thank you president obama, and welcome to dc!

a great day for america and for the world.

crazy obama gear for sale!

vendors out in full force!

obama hand puppets!

steadily streaming along the mall.

WWII memorial.

very happy people!

the inaugural ceremony shown on one of the 20+ jumbotrons positioned along the mall.




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12 responses to “inauguration 2009!

  1. MK

    amazing, amazing, amazing. Himay, I am so glad you took these photos.

  2. Peter V.

    Great pics Jaime. We must have passed you b/c we were at that jumbo-tron screen at the WW2 but decided to try to walk on closer.

  3. simonk

    Read your blog for a while now, but this is my first comment. Absolutely love your photos from the Inauguration, gives a really nice view of the atmosphere around the city. I especially like the shot of the woman selling programmes!

  4. mamasita

    wonderful, amazing day! so glad you were there to document, see living in the states can be EXCITING!!! great job of commenting and photos!

  5. renodsgnr

    Awesome photos! Did you end up buying any of the crazy momentos that were being sold all over?

  6. thanks for the awesome comments everyone!!

    renodsgnr :: can you believe i bought nothing? i considered a hat, and of course buttons, and possibly a newspaper, but in the end knew all i really wanted was photos!

    i forgot to mention how amazing it was to see everyone decked out in obama gear – i would say 80% or more of attendees were wearing obama merchandise – hats, scarves, buttons, and/or waving flags, signs, + posters! it was like the superbowl of inaugurations with everyone rooting for team obama!

  7. Breathtaking!! =)

    I think we are all a little prouder to be American!

  8. If anything, President Obama’s campaign, buzz, and loyal support is a fine example of effective marketing/branding. He & his team really knew how to connect to the people, how to relate to them, and focus on their needs. I could go on, but y’all get the picture. AWESOME. It’s so great to see all these great blog posts about yesterday! I posted the second he got sworn in too, lol. The enthusiasm was contagious. That said, Jaime these are some great images, I’m happy for you!!!

  9. Wonderfully amazing pictures!

    Totally unrelated, how do you add the “Blonde Pic” copyright logo to you photos? It’s a smart idea.

  10. You’re a lot tougher than I am! The cold was unbelievable, the crowds enormous. You got some really great pictures.

  11. Great stuff. Thanks for helping us who weren’t there feel more like we were. Wonderful.

  12. Lee

    So wish i was still in DC that i could have seen for myself…thanks for being my eyes on the ground and making me feel part of the day.

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