viva las vegas!

the newly married jessi + joe in *fabulous* las vegas, nevada!



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11 responses to “viva las vegas!

  1. mamasita

    cutest couple EVER! best photog EVER! my girls rock!

  2. Dad

    Always remember the joy and happiness of this day!!!!!!! I wish you both only the BEST THINGS IN LIFE TOGETHER, love Dad

  3. christy

    cameron diaz and ashton kutcher have nothing on you two :)
    awesome shot!!!

  4. jamie richards

    cutest EVER!!!!!!!!! i cannot wait to see more!!!!!!

  5. Donna

    OMG, this is awesome!

  6. congrats to the newlyweds! such a fab picture!

  7. Kelcey

    YAY YAY YAY! More more more!! :) congrats you two!!

  8. jes&joe

    You did such an amazing job (as always) thank you so much for being our photographer, wedding planner, my honorary maid of honor and most of all the best sister ever!!!
    We love you Jaime and cant thank you enough!

    Jessi & Joe

  9. Nick Glanden

    you have an amazing eye for the camera….
    job well done….


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