honfest 2009!

hey hons! blonde photo is back…with friends!


i am so excited to announce the public launch of my newest project the blonde creative at honfest 2009!

honfest is an amazing festival that takes place on the streets of hampden – one of the most fabulous neighborhoods in baltimore! hampden is home to tons of inspiring artists + characters, and lots of just plain good people. the annual honfest is much more than a local tradition – it is truly an international craze! the classic baltimore (bawl-mer) term of endearment, hon (short for honey), is at the root of this exuberant celebration that honors the honest, hard-working, fun-loving women of baltimore. yeah hons!

last year i was the official photographer for honfest – resulting in two full days of awesome hontastic images! i had a blast capturing the action on the street, the countless musicians that performed on both stages, and the main stage events, including a little miss hon contest, the crowing of the 2008 hon, and even a hon wedding!

this year i plan to bring even more energy + excitement to the festival with an amazing booth for the blonde creative! the booth will feature some of my favorite artists + best friends who will be joining me over the two day festival – quinn peyser of quinnep doodles, jessi ringer of 5ringsphoto and mk mckenna of mary kate mckenna photography! in addition to all sorts of surprises + fun, there will be raffles + giveaways, and a super-fun photo booth to capture the hon in everyone! in fact, there may even be a lifesize hon doodle in the works from quinnep doodles…i can’t wait! *PLUS* mamasita will be there again this year along with a number of other guests + friends, so mark your calendars for the weekend of june 13-14 and get up to bawlmer, hon!!

*click here for more details and to join the event on facebook!*



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5 responses to “honfest 2009!

  1. very very cool! can’t wait for this.

  2. you flipping rock. i’m totally stopping by to say hi.

  3. wahooooo! if it’s a life-size hon you want, a life-size hon you shall have!!!

  4. So excited for this! You have no idea! =)

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