11 responses to “kathleen + jerry: engaged!

  1. These are so colorful and fun. I LOVE the alley shot…fantastic work my friend:)

  2. Megan

    These pictures are so great!!! I’m praying for great weather on Saturday for their wedding! I too LOVE this couple – going to be a fun and beautiful wedding…see you at DAR!!

  3. LOVE those shoes! love all the color! these are very, very fun.

  4. elena

    absolutamente maravillosas en todas veo solo reflejado el AMOR………………

  5. Mary O

    Wonderful, capture both of them perfectly!

  6. Chantal

    So adorable! Great pics Jaime, and I also adore Kathleen and Jerry. Can’t wait for an amazing wedding on Saturday!

  7. Allegra

    THESE ARE WONDERFUL!!! Love the colors- you both look so happy :)

  8. Kevin Fernández

    Great work – can’t wait until Saturday. Star Trek is opening. Oh yeah, and the Jerry and Kathleen thing is pretty good too.

  9. Judy Pitre

    Looking good. Can’t wait to see you.

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  11. Nubbin

    You both are so beautiful and can’t wait to see
    wedding pictures–wish I could have been there.
    Love Ya’ll

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