mary lou + bob: 50th anniversary!

celebrating 50 years of love.

my favorite image of the day, right after they renewed their vows.

on january 31, 2009 mary lou + bob celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary! it was a true privilege to join their family + friends at st. mary’s of the mills church, and watch as this amazing couple renewed their vows and honored their lasting love! a huge part of what made the celebration so uniquely special was the participation of their family in the mass. their six wonderful grandchildren presented the gifts, gave readings, and lead the audience in prayer and song. mary lou + bob have an inspiring, enduring love from which an amazing family has sprung. all of their children gave touching toasts in a moving tribute to their parents’ anniversary, followed by words from mary lou + bob’s siblings as well. mary lou’s bridesmaid and friend for 50+ years had a wonderful and hilarious surprise – her original bridesmaid dress! also present at the reception was their wedding invitation, framed wedding photographs, and their original wedding cake topper! 

i *loved* being a part of this day – i am so in love with love, and am so inspired by mary lou + bob’s love and commitment. they never stopped smiling all day long and i can see why they have stayed “best buddies” all these years!

congrats to mary lou + bob! and cheers to love!



everyone participated in blessing the couple.



so happy together!



their cake topper from 1959!

the original bridesmaids’ dress!

from the “top 10” reasons why mary lou + bob are still best buddies.

then and now. 50 years strong! go love!



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17 responses to “mary lou + bob: 50th anniversary!

  1. How cute are they!! I love these. They look so happy after 50 years of marriage!! Amazing! Congrats Mary Lou & Bob!

  2. MK

    I *adore* them! Ahhh! So sweet and lovely.

  3. mary lou + bob are totally one of my all-time favorite couples! :)

  4. Denise

    ooohhh I love this – what happiness. Not many people experience this – how lucky are they

  5. holy goodness! so cute! i love them.
    yay for cold beer! :D

  6. so incredibly sweet!! love love love these. esp the shot of them holding hands and laughing during the ceremony. ahh, love is the best.

  7. Mitzi Goodwin

    These photos are precious. I am so glad that we were able to join in on the celebration! You’re the best neighbors ever!

  8. What a wonderful day it was, what a wonderful couple you are, and how wonderful it was to share in the joy of your 50th Anniversary celebration. How wonderful it will be if my hubby and I make it to our 50th anniversary! But that would make us 91 years old :-)

  9. Bob and Mary Lou

    WOW! Jaime, you are the best. We thank our dear friend Sister Perpetua for having found you. Can’t wait to see “The Rest of the Story”. We are so blessed. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

  10. This is so sweet!! =) My grandparents are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this June (and they’ve been dating since they were both 13!! Haha.) I love stories like this.. It reminds me how amazing true love can be over time.

  11. Rick and Angela

    The pictures truely capture the beauty of the day!
    How lucky we were to share in such a special celebration. Aunt Mary Lou and Uncle Bob, you are an inspiration to us all, an example of Gods many blessings. Thank you for letting us share in this wonderful celebration.

  12. Dick and Phyllis

    Bob and Mary Lou – Jaime’s pictures say it all!! She captured the day perfectly! What a great day – we are sooo happy for you both. We are blessed to be your friends (like family) for 50+ years!!!

  13. Bill Griffin

    Dreams do come true when we unconditionally believe in each other as gifts from God and love with our whole hearts. It truly was awesome to celebrate a half-century of friendship and love with Bob & Mary Lou and family. And they have only just begun! Bill Griffin CFX

  14. The pics say it all! A blessed event filled with magical moments from 4 year old Monica Griffin to the oldest…..a happy celebration of family and friends. What a wonderful day!

  15. Hay, I forgot baby Zachary!!! We all had so much fun!

  16. kseidlphoto

    oh this is the sweetest thing EVER!

  17. Sally vB

    What Beautiful photographs of a blessed and lovely couple – always has been that way with them, lots of smiles, lots of laughs, excellent problem solving, upward attitudes, it is a joy to be around Bob and Mary Lou. May there be many more years of happiness for them and their family.

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