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amy + mark: anniversary!

celebrating a decade of love.

i absolutely *love* that amy + mark decided to commemorate their 10-year wedding anniversary with a photo shoot! i’ve worked with mark in conjunction with children’s national medical center events, and was thrilled when he contacted me to set up an anniversary session! mark, being the fabulous + creative romantic that he is, wanted the afternoon to be a stroll down memory lane — visiting all of their favorite haunts in the neighborhood where they started dating over a decade ago. even though adams morgan has changed a lot in the last few years, the unique architecture, murals, and classic bars are still there. we walked up + down 18th street, and then hit u street, stopping for cocktails at chi-cha lounge, hanging out on the rooftop at local 16, and finished up at meridian hill park. i had such a great time getting to know amy + mark and wish them them many more decades of love + happiness!



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leigh + scott: anniversary session.

everlasting love.


meet leigh + scott. this amazing couple is bound together by love, creativity, and laughter. a few weeks ago i had the opportunity to meet up with them in downtown philadelphia to celebrate their 8th wedding anniversary (woohoo!) with a fun, impromtu photo session!

the entire shoot was so wonderfully serendipitous – leigh is the genius behind LL2B – the fabulous + renowned maker of all sorts of goodies, most notably these custom lip balms! she contacted me a few days prior to the session to inquire about a shoot and see if i’d be in the philly are anytime soon. i was already planning on heading up on the 19th for two engagement sessions and was excited to squeeze her in – especially when i found out that the 19th was their actual anniversary date! so perfect!

in addition to LL2B, leigh + scott have a sweet studio + exhibition space in the city – basekamp – that showcases large scale collaborative projects by contemporary artists. we met at the studio and then walked around town, weaving in and out of parks, courtyards, and the oldest cemetery i’ve ever seen. we made our way back to basekamp and did a few shots on the roof and inside of the studio. i got to learn about their newest project and was absolutely fascinated by the projects they work on! if i ever hesitate to refer to myself as an “artist” it is because of tremendously talented and creative people like leigh + scott. to me, they are the coolest kind of artists – using visual and philosophical methods to explore dynamic sociological issues and truly living a life entrenched and influenced by art, creativity and knowledge. i really enjoyed spending the morning with these two and can’t wait to visit them again soon. 


















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mary lou + bob: 50th anniversary!

celebrating 50 years of love.

my favorite image of the day, right after they renewed their vows.

on january 31, 2009 mary lou + bob celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary! it was a true privilege to join their family + friends at st. mary’s of the mills church, and watch as this amazing couple renewed their vows and honored their lasting love! a huge part of what made the celebration so uniquely special was the participation of their family in the mass. their six wonderful grandchildren presented the gifts, gave readings, and lead the audience in prayer and song. mary lou + bob have an inspiring, enduring love from which an amazing family has sprung. all of their children gave touching toasts in a moving tribute to their parents’ anniversary, followed by words from mary lou + bob’s siblings as well. mary lou’s bridesmaid and friend for 50+ years had a wonderful and hilarious surprise – her original bridesmaid dress! also present at the reception was their wedding invitation, framed wedding photographs, and their original wedding cake topper! 

i *loved* being a part of this day – i am so in love with love, and am so inspired by mary lou + bob’s love and commitment. they never stopped smiling all day long and i can see why they have stayed “best buddies” all these years!

congrats to mary lou + bob! and cheers to love!



everyone participated in blessing the couple.



so happy together!



their cake topper from 1959!

the original bridesmaids’ dress!

from the “top 10” reasons why mary lou + bob are still best buddies.

then and now. 50 years strong! go love!


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