hello, handsome.

i am in love, and his name is mark. 5D markII, to be exact.



released late last year, canon’s latest, fabulous, and much sought-after camera – the 5D MKII – was on permanent backorder across the country and unavailable for months! i neglected to pre-order one last fall, and had to wait (note: patience is not one of my virtues) until my favorite camera shop had one in stock! i *just* tore open the box and am in awe. what a sleek little machine. i’m *so* excited to put it into action tomorrow at my very first littlest heroes session!



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10 responses to “hello, handsome.

  1. 5rings


  2. MK

    ::sigh:: I am jealous as well. I’m on the wait list, so I’ll have it soon!

  3. KC

    so jealous! what is your favorite camera shop? looking forward to seeing your photos from the little heroes photo session.

  4. Cef

    I don’t like this at all.

  5. Congrats! I’ll be getting my girl “Markette” in April ;)

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