buddha + sumo: shihtzu session!

shihtzu session = happiness.


i absolutely love photographing people with their pets! so i was thrilled when karen contacted me about a session with her adorable and beloved shihtzus, buddha + sumo! it was another very cold winter day in dc, but we braved the windy rooftop and the dog park to get some really fun shots! buddha + sumo have a beautiful home and a fabulous life with their amazing owners! karen + steve: thank you for inviting me into your lives so i could spend the day with your gorgeous + blissful shihtzus – i love them!!!












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17 responses to “buddha + sumo: shihtzu session!

  1. Cef

    Can we borrow them for a weekend?

  2. Cricket

    No thanks.


  3. Cut dogs! Cute couple! Awesome photog! Great post Jaime!!

    I love their names!

  4. oh ceffy…cricket would definitely be disturbed, although these puppies were so mellow maybe she’d get along with them!

  5. That first picture made my Monday!!

  6. MK

    so cute! looooove them!

  7. fuzzy puppies and fuzzy hats are 2 of my favorite things! adorable!

  8. Ben

    Puppy blinks crack me up. That fourth one down is great. This must have been a really fun session!

  9. Denise

    awww so sweet – great shots jaime

  10. I love the photos—-and that hat!!!!!

  11. Cef–you are welcome to borrow them at any time. They are truly Zen dogs.
    Emily–I think the hat would look even better on you then me. Name your price!!!
    Thanks for all your comments. Jaime was wonderful and we had a blast.

  12. Cousin Leslie

    Great shots! Great Doggies! Great people! Great hat on K. This is a great idea and the M & J annual letter ain’t got nothing on you! I love these shots of your family!

  13. Ben–that isn’t a puppy blink. That is his natural state of stillness. About 80% of the time he is in that drowsy mode.

  14. Gene/Dad

    My grandkids look cute but Karens hat takes the prize.

  15. Gene–what are you doing up at 2:35am? Glad you got to see these. Jaime the photographer is so fantastic. Who know, maybe you and Vera are next?

  16. Marc - Steve's Older Bro

    Very cute kids, of course, and I love that hat. And in the outside B&W shots you guys look like our eastern european forebearers who “just got off boat from old country.”

  17. Voyeur

    I love coming back and looking at these years later. Buddha has since past. Sumo now has two new brothers that he wished he didn’t.

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