doodle project!

photo -> doodle = awesome!

photo by meggie velasco, doodle by quinnep.

i am *so* very excited and wanted to share this awesome project that i worked on with the super talented quinn peyser! i approached quinn to create a doodle for our awesome friend jessi. we chose one of meggie velasco’s amazing photos of jessi’s daughter and quinn set to doodling! after she created the the *new* image we printed it through canvas on demand and wah-lah!


we are so happy, jessi *loves* it, and quinn and i can’t wait to start working on more doodle projects soon! do have a photo you want doodled from one of our sessions? or even just one of your own? contact quinnep asap!

here are some of the awesome shots i snapped of the canvas before we sent it to jessi in tennessee!!


signed by the artist!



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6 responses to “doodle project!

  1. MK

    Of course, I *love* this. So hard to keep it from Jessi! SO glad she has it and loves it!

  2. most fun, EVER. Bad Secret Keepers of America unite for good cause! :D

  3. 5rings

    I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. kseidlphoto

    this is so cute! what a great idea!!!

  5. k.a.s.

    awesome! what a cool idea!

  6. really cute! I envy your creativity!

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