florida: new smyrna beach.

a (fall) day at the beach.

i love the beach.

this was the view from my beach towel on new smyrna beach, on the first day of october. it was perfectly desolate, wonderfully warm, and incredibly peaceful.

located just south of daytona, new smyrna is one of the few beaches where you can still drive your car right out onto the sand and park just feet from the atlantic ocean.



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3 responses to “florida: new smyrna beach.

  1. Karen

    Wow! That is a stunning photo. I live in New Smyrna and I don’t believe I have ever seen one capture the majesty of the ocean and sky together as you have. I love the way you caught the shadow rays coming underneath the clouds, and the depth of the blue sky. I can’t tell you how much I “feel” this picture. I’ve seen live for a lifetime but could never bring it home before. How can I get a copy?

  2. Cef

    Wow, amazing pic!

  3. Seriously Jaime that is an amazing picture! Love the new logo integration by the way :)

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