dana + brian: married!

an international affair.

dana + brian’s wedding at the inn at vaucluse spring in stephen’s city, virginia was amazing! guests hailed from dozens of countries all over the world and gathered to watch dana + brian unite their lives together. dana is from the states and brian is from zimbabwe, so they incorporated elements of both cultures into the ceremony and reception. my favorite was the dancing – which started with swing lessons from dana’s family and then zimbabwean traditional dance led by brian! afterwards, everyone danced to a mix of music and had a fabulous time…i don’t think dana’s grandmother ever left the dance floor! 

despite the crazy thunderstorms happening outside, the party was strong under the tent – with some great toasts (dana’s sister’s speech made me cry, brian’s best man’s speech made me laugh) excellent dance moves and great energy and excitement for this amazing couple.

dana + brian: thank you so much for having me at your wedding! it was a joy to document your day and get to know your friends and family…CONGRATULATIONS!!













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9 responses to “dana + brian: married!

  1. Melanie

    What wonderful pictures! Excellent documentation of a beautiful day of vows and a stormy night of dancing! It really seems as if you (Jaime) were in all places at all times.

  2. Dana

    Jaime, thank you so much for these fantastic pictures! You really captured some great moments and told the story of our wedding beautifully. I hope you weren’t up all night doing this – have a great time in Greece! I can’t wait to see more pictures when you return!

  3. Jillian

    Oh, I love these!

  4. Really great shots. I love that brick wall with the star!

  5. Dave and Sharon

    Great pictures, Jaime! The pictures themselves are wonderful, but you captured more than just the people–you captured the mood and the spirit of it all! It was a magical day, and you caught the magic!

  6. brian

    Thank you Jamie!! These are wonderful pictures, they really captured the mood(will help some of us see what else was going on).

    Have a fun time in Greece, you deserve a break!!

  7. Sheryl

    Love the champagne shot and the little baby!

  8. Emily Fourie

    What awesome and gorgeous photos. I can honestly say those are some of the best wedding photographs I have seen – the lighting is different in each shot and perfect. The dancing shots are super, as is the one with the sparklers in black and white. Dana and Brian must be very pleased with how you captured their day – and night!

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