paulie + family. (my family!)

my favorite little friend.

this week i’m traveling through the south visiting family, friends and clients and soaking up a little sun before the fall sets in back in dc!

right now i’m spending my days with paul – my awesome cousin who just turned four! he’s so smart, so funny, and witty as can be. he’s keeping me very busy playing spongebob bingo, building super tall lego buildings, making train tracks for thomas + friends, and reading and spelling (he goes to school now!) the sweet return is that he loves having his picture taken and has no inhibitions in front of the camera, not to mention he’s pretty much the cutest thing i have ever seen! i love this little guy!


paul + his dad, my uncle marc.

paul + grandma mary dot!

silly fish faces!



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5 responses to “paulie + family. (my family!)

  1. Those are so cute:) I love the fish face picture! You’ve got to love kids that love the camera!

  2. godmother

    most beautiful, amazing little boy! i love him the most…he is so the little marc…seriously…what happened to the blonde curls?

  3. Cef

    The ones of Paul on the swing are great! Hope you guys are having fun!

  4. kseidlphoto

    how cute his he??? i love the swing shot and those little curled toes!

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