hello atlanta: stefanie + brendon!

hitting the streets in hotlanta.

stefanie + brendon.

i came down to the atlanta yesterday to meet with stefanie + brendon who are getting married next year! i love to sit down with all my clients before we make the final decision to work together, even if it means taking a 10-hour drive down the coast! hee! actually it worked out great since i was planning a roadtrip and was happy to detour in the infamous hotlanta! i’m so glad i got to meet up with them in their new city and hang out with them last night! we met in midtown for a drink and then went to dinner at the amazing TWO urban licks – a very hot restaurant in a renovated warehouse with incredible atmosphere and great food! i had the best time: stefanie + brendon are a truly a fabulous couple and i’m so excited to shoot their wedding next august! i snapped a few super quick pics as we were grabbing a cab – they are so cute! i’m loving atlanta, but i’m off this morning to sunny florida – ciao!

live music at TWO urban licks.



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4 responses to “hello atlanta: stefanie + brendon!

  1. cute couple. have fun in florida!

    p.s. LOVE the new watermark :)

  2. kas

    this watermark is my fave – i love that you added the pink!

  3. It is just ridiculous that you were in Atlanta while we’re in NY! AAAAAAAAGH! Haha. :) Maybe one day we’ll meet in person. :)

  4. Chris

    Have fun her is Florida! Tell Uncle Marc, happy birthday.

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