zeba + ted: engaged!

a capitol love.

zeba + ted are getting married! i had such a fun afternoon with these two as we ran around the city taking photos and having a great time. ted is a capitol hill police officer, so we started our session at the capitol building where we explored the gorgeous interior of the building with no one else around! it’s been a long time since i’ve shot on the hill and it was really neat to get a private tour of the capitol and hear all the history and stories from ted – i learned so much! afterwards, we headed over to logan circle and explored the neighborhood where we sought out some great urban shots with my favorite graffiti in the city.

i loved spending time with zeba + ted and i can’t wait until their wedding in november! the fabulous alex pare of cherry blossom events is coordinating everything and it’s going to be fabulous! i’m so happy alex introduced us – this is one great couple!

now, enjoy!



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10 responses to “zeba + ted: engaged!

  1. Fan to the tastic;P What a cool place to take pictures!! Love them:)

  2. Zeba

    These are ah-maze-ing! I love the mix of classic-with-a-twist and funky! Thanks for capturing our engagement…you rock, girl!

  3. Zeba

    Forgot to mention that the new watermark is very cute and stylish…sort of an updated cameo appeal.

  4. beautiful beautiful beautiful.

  5. Cousin A

    Lookin’ good Cuz’. See you in a month!!
    – Ads

  6. Zeba and Ted
    I love these pictures. I think my favorite is the one by the window with the light shining through. In 10 years you will think where has the time gone. See you real soon.

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