sara + jack: married!

crazy love.

sara + jack rock my world. we had the best time ever at their engagement session a few weeks ago in downtown annapolis, and i just knew that the wedding was going to be off the chain. yes, i just said “off the chain.” somewhere MK is shaking her head and laughing, because while i use this term a lot, sara + jack gave it new meaning at their insanely high-energy, super fun wedding BASH!

i met with them earlier this year through a mutual friend and we totally hit it off over coffee – their adorable little boy jackson sat in my lap through the entire meeting and i was smitten!

the three of them make the perfect family! sara + jack are clearly head-over-heels in love and their family + friends were all so very happy to celebrate the day with them. after a beautiful ceremony outside at the morningside inn, the party got under way! we did some of the craziest portraits ever – with the groomsmen deciding to make a pyramid with jack on top, and then the bridesmaids refusing to be outdone and forming one as well! hilarious! the reception was full of funny toasts and heartfelt speeches, non-stop dance moves and outrageous garter/bouquet/fun, and the messiest cake cutting ever!

the day was a whirlwind of excitement, and i know these two will be very happy together – they were made for each other!


a big thank you to everyone for going outside at the end of the night for this super fun shot of the whole party! and to sara + jack for being the most fun ever!! last but certainly not least, thanks to jessi ringer who shot with me for all her creative ideas and great energy! YAY!

jessi, jack, sara + me!

* * * * *
5-star vendor review:

cattails country florist: beautiful bouquets + arrangements!

omega entertainment: awesome DJs jamie + paula!



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11 responses to “sara + jack: married!

  1. Jules

    Wow, where do I start. Jamie, the pictures are fantastic. I love the first one, very cool. I love the “Big Blue” with the tiny little couple in the bottom left hand corner. The old gentleman smoking his pipe and the group shot.

    Well done girl

  2. MK

    soooo much fun! Plus I know they are Obama lovers, which just adds to it :-)

    Cute couple!!!

  3. Jaime these are great! I had such an AWESOME time working with you…and yes it was off the chain. LOLOL

  4. Kat

    Jaime, every time I look at your blog I think your pictures just can’t get any better and yet every time they do! I love the pic with the whole bridal party and the beautiful picture of the bright blue sky with the bride and groom! I am so glad I follow this blog, it’s my favorite! Your work always makes me smile!

  5. Wow! That blue sky shot with the couple in the corner is a stunner. (I actually said “Wow” out loud). :)

  6. Jenny

    I am the violinist’s mom – how can I order some prints? You are gifted!

  7. “Off the chain” for sure! Love the “guy with the pipe” shot =) Lookin’ forward to hangin’ with ya Saturday!

  8. Shanley

    LOVE IT ALL!!! My brother & I just went through them & everything looks so fantastic. I love the black & white & the pictures by the pond…. You are amazing.

  9. Kate Mc

    What wonderful expressive faces! But my favorite has to the be the elderly man with the pipe. It’s just brilliant.

  10. Jaime!!! You did the most wonderful job at this wedding! You truly have an amazing gift. I’ve been periodically checking your site for the photos from that day and I couldn’t believe how great they look!!! I will most definitely be putting a link to you on my site. I hope to work with you again in the future!!

    Jamie Papanikos
    Omega Entertainment

  11. I stumbled upon this site because I was looking for some engagement photo session ideas as I am new in the business as an event/wedding photographer. Please let me say that I am truly inspired by your work!!!! Your ability to catch moments is unparalleled!!!!

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