annie + marty: married!

weathering the storm.

mother nature couldn’t keep this couple from thoroughly enjoying their fabulous beach wedding in ocean city, maryland! the weather called for thunderstorms and hail at precisely the time of the ceremony…regardless, annie + marty proceeded as planned: fearless, and determined to wed with their feet in the sand, they tied the knot steps from the ocean, encircled by their friends and family. almost immediately after they said i do, thick, heavy black clouds rolled in, giving us mere moments to snap a few beach shots. as the bridal party ran for cover, annie took one look at the approaching darkness, grabbed marty’s hand and tore towards the ocean – i knew how much they wanted to run along the shore, through the water, and i immediately followed. i was running as fast as i could, shooting and laughing the entire time, feeling so happy to share such an incredible, exhilarating moment with two people so in love, so happy, and so perfect together.

the sky opened up and unleashed the fury of a thousand storms upon ocean city, as we escaped off the beach. the shuttle bus inched along coastal highway at 5 mph through the torrential downpour, escorting us safely to the reception…but not without our having to dash through the rain (yay for umbrellas!) before arriving at harrison’s harbor watch at the inlet. much celebrating followed, with beautiful toasts and incredible dancing – i loved every minute of it! around sunset the skies cleared, and we took advantage of the golden light for some amazing shots…

they kissed, and laughed as bystanders cheered from the boardwalk, and annie + marty had everything they wished for…and more.











and afterwards…to the boardwalk for some of my favorite photos ever!




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16 responses to “annie + marty: married!

  1. That flip flop shot and those storm shots are unbeatable!

  2. I remember that storm…31May08 — A tornado touched down on the Eastern Shore that day. Yikes!!

    Glad to see you weathered the storm and captured some great pix. You can’t help but smile seeing these.

  3. MK

    That first shot BLOWS ME AWAY!!!

  4. Cef

    Nice job! The two shots near the end where she’s picked up in the air… fantastic!

  5. weird. more amazing photos from blondie. :)
    LOVE zee skyyyy.

  6. Ben

    That first shot gave me shivers it is so good haha.

  7. kseidlphoto

    once again, they’re ALL incredible. the weather gave quite a unique backdrop to say the least. you are the queen of capturing the moments though- so much expression in these shots, i just love it. you rock.

  8. Yay- you finally blogged these;) And of course they are awesome:)

  9. Annie

    WOW! Jaime they are amazing and gave me chills!! It brought me right back to our very special day!! I can’t even wait to see the rest..Oh by the way have I told you, you are the best photographer EVER!!! lol Thanks again for EVERYTHING! xoxo

  10. Titi Lainy

    WOW.. is all I can say… The photos are BREATHTAKING! You could probably have these pics made into like a coffee table book… just a suggestion, but they look like the type of pics that would be in one… The pics are THAT good and you guys are THAT cute!

  11. Those are so good it makes me wish it had rained on my wedding day!!

  12. kas

    the first one is like the most amazing ever. luv the rest too of course!

  13. Sheri

    I am speechless. They are the most beautiful pictures I have ever soon!! Jamie you are awesome. Annie your right they bring me right back to that day. LOVE THEM ALL!!!

  14. Obama's Baby Momma

    OMGGGGG they look just as fun as us!!!!! You are toooo(etc.-since you make fun of my unnecessary extra letters haha) much gorgeous..(the weather of course) haha THESE PICTURES ARE AMAZING!!!!!

  15. Megan

    Your pics are awesome….I am going to her # from you…WOW that’s all I have to say I am speechless….Congrats

  16. Oh my, your wedding photos are amazing! You are a real artist, unlike so many other wedding fotogs who just “do the job”. Congrats on your talent, and to all of you lucky clients!!

    (Found you through an email from Cafe Hon)

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