golfing with the groom.

an 8 o’clock tee time with the groom to be.

lesson learned: when golf isn’t going great – photograph yourself!

in spite of having worked on a golf course for many years (beverage cart girl, bartender), i have never actually played golf, much less swung a golf club correctly. however, when marc put out an open invitation for a round of golf on his wedding day i jumped at the opportunity. a polo shirt, some rented clubs and a set of 15 golf balls later, i was on the course before 8 am ready to go, camera in hand of course. jessica claire should be happy to know that a shootsac looks fabulous when paired with golf attire! i had a fantastic time, only losing 3 balls in the water and managing a few decent swings. my frustrations became increasingly entertaining, and i’m not certain i even finished the 18th hole, but i did enjoy taking photos of our enjoyable outing!

marc looking perfectly relaxed + vicky teeing off.

i’m confused…because i don’t understand golf and someone else is using my camera against me!

when all else fails, find an appropriate target…

this pretty much sums up my day.

i relaxed a little after i realized our “pros” weren’t taking things too seriously either.

marc blames vicky for tearing up the fairway on the 18th hole…?



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4 responses to “golfing with the groom.

  1. mama

    nice selections of pics! you made us look good ; )

  2. come on…we did LOOK good, even if we didn’t PLAY as well…!

    when are we taking lessons? any blog stalkers want to offer up their expertise to the blonde photog and her mamasita?


  3. jessi

    where was i? oh yes, at the pool!

  4. Aunt B

    Sorry I missed the golf game….
    I was in bed with a little man (carter)

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