jules + alexander: playtime!

little sister + big brother.

i had a wonderful time hanging out with jules + alexander this morning. they are *so* adorable and *so* sweet! jules will be 2 in august, and alexander is almost 4 years older than her. they have a great dynamic – i loved watching them dance around the kitchen and search the backyard for the neighbors’ kitty! jules has the cutest little voice and was calling me james! love her! and alexander is so smart, he taught me about so many different types of animals – i need to take him on my next safari! i do have to say the best part about photographing these fantastic children is getting to spend time with their mom – kristin, who i absolutely adore! watching her with jules + alexander makes me want to be a mom! she’s so patient and gentle, but so fun! i laughed so hard while her + jules played peek-a-boo and when the three of them were just goofing around.

kristin – thank you again for welcoming me into your home, i can’t wait for our next session! your family rocks!



                                                        .  .  .

me having a blast with my new little friends!! YAY!



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8 responses to “jules + alexander: playtime!

  1. ridiculously cute. you just keep outdoing yourself.

  2. you are absolutely amazing!!!

  3. mamasita

    WOW! what a beautiful shoot…i feel the love and fun between the two…great job Kristin!

  4. what a super fun session! i actually giggled looking through these because of the fun they’re having in the kitchen-ish area.

    and also. you’re officially on my blog stalk list :) LOVE your work!

  5. Grandma Mary

    I was so amazed that you took a picture with the kids! It says so much about you as a photographer and a loving person!

    I loved all the pictures!

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  7. Obama's Baby Momma

    You want to eat Jackson up???? I want to eat these kids up!!! they are SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! I almost died (cried..and went to heaven) when i saw the picture of her sucking her thumb

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