i love when BOH winks at me.

he’s such a flirt.


i spent the day shooting 2 awesome engagement sessions in baltimore – one of my favorite places…i went to college in baltimore, rented my first apartment in mt. vernon, bartended for years in fells point + canton, and taught in baltimore public schools. i became inspired by the city’s history, by the people and their stories, and it was in baltimore that i became a writer and an artist. i love the kitschy energy of hampden (yay for my hons!) the seedy history of fells point, and the enclaves of artists in highlandtown. but most of all, i love the crazy things that epitomize b’more – like having a crab + corn quesadilla at nacho mama’s and $1 cans of natty boh beer. and the ever illuminated BOH, winking as if to welcome me each time i return…




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4 responses to “BOH.

  1. MK

    love that guy. [not his beer, though!]

  2. Cef

    Where did you set up to take those sweet pics??

  3. Cef

    Also, could there be any other reasons you like Baltimore??

  4. k.s.

    heizcute. ilikezhim.

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