the mojave desert.


there is nothing quite like driving through the california desert…especially with two fantastic friends who are also fantastic photographers. last week the photo road trip continued east from san diego into the colorado and mojave desert. every few miles we’d stop the car and get out to explore the incredible surroundings. this time of year the desert sun is warm and strong, but the air was so crisp and cool – it was completely amazing.

also, i discovered that i am pretty much in love with cactus – something i didnt really know until i stood in the center of a massive cholla garden…the prickly flowering cacti stretched along the sand as far as the horizon, where the desert floor seemed to rise directly into SNOW CAPPED mountains. incredible! there were also the fabulously photogenic ochillo cactus + the starkly beautiful joshua trees. not to mention fields of vibrant purple and bright yellow flowers everywhere, and the unforgettable blooming orange trees whose citrus gardenia scent permeated the air…ahh!

i simply loved the experience of just being in the middle of the blooming desert – once again completely awed by the beauty of nature. and lucky enough to have captured just a bit of with my camera.

mojave-desert-0.jpg mojave-desert-7.jpg


mk framed by the octillo cacti.

mojave-desert-1.jpg mojave-desert-4.jpg


kim seidl documenting the secret lives of flower underbellies.


mojave-desert-34.jpg mojave-desert-2.jpg


mojave-desert-5.jpg mojave-desert-35.jpg


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One response to “the mojave desert.

  1. MK

    SUCH a fun trip! Wish we were still there!

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