rockstar roadtrip.

on monday i attended the rockstar roadtrip hosted by corey mcnabb + amber holritz here in dc. they are traveling up the east coast talking to photogs about everything from shooting to marketing to albums and other print products. not only are they are both brilliant photographers, but they have fantastic personalities. it was a great way to recharge for wedding season (2 down, 20+ to go!) and i picked up a lot of great ideas. i really enjoyed meeting corey and amber (and corey’s awesome wife jill!) as well as the rest of the local dc photogs who attended. after the all-day seminar we went out for dinner + drinks…at some point i busted out my camera and was lucky to capture some of corey’s magic tricks…the hilarious suzanne behsudi was so funny and *so* amazed at corey’s tricks! loved it!
special thanks to the generous jessica del vecchio for letting me play with her 16-35 which let me get the super W I D E shots!

rockstar-roadtrip-12.jpg rockstar-roadtrip-11.jpg


rockstar-roadtrip-13.jpg rockstar-roadtrip-15.jpg




*it should be noted that corey’s tricks were spot on…from cards to quarters, it appears he is as good with magic as he is with the camera!



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4 responses to “rockstar roadtrip.

  1. it was super fun meeting you!! great images!

  2. Yes, what Jess said. = )

  3. Those pictures are great! It was awesome meeting you!

  4. cool!!! and you met my dear friend Suz..she is a riot!!

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