plunging hons fundraising happy hour.

the plunging hons team hosted a very fun and very successful fundraising happy hour at cafe hon in hampden last week as we prepared for the MSP polar bear plunge

the hon bar was the perfect place to host the plunging hons happy hour!

hon-happy-hour-04.jpg hon-happy-hour-02.jpg rita, our queen mother hon + kate, representing as elvis.

hons always like to look their best!

our infamous team members, heidi + rita ((best hon 2004 and 2003) pose with kate/elvis.

yay for pink flamingos!

cafe hon owner denise whiting makes one lucky raffle winner very happy!

many thanks to generous sponsors like dr. + mrs. dellon.

my blonde mamasita came out to support the team!

fabulous stylist nikki verdecchia (left) donated a cut + consult to the silent auction.

cafe hon from the avenue.

and my favorite thing about baltimore (besides hons!) is seeing BO wink at me as i drive away…

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