CGB slate: tribute to ronald reagan.

the CBG slate hosted a tribute to ronald reagan in last monday in baltimore.

img_9599r.jpg img_9754.jpg
michael reagan spoke of “growing up reagan.”

michael reagan prepares to sign his father’s books.

(from left) steve schuh, james king, former governor robert erlich, and nic kipke.

img_9464.jpg img_9372.jpg
congress hopeful andy harris + senator brian simonaire.

* * *

even the blonde photographer got a signed book! that michael reagan is definitely a nice guy :)

*guests* to view all photos from this event please click here.


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One response to “CGB slate: tribute to ronald reagan.

  1. k.s.

    i haz this book. i no haz hiz signaturrrre.

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