dancing after dark.

the awesome people from children’s hospital hosted a fabulous fundraising affair last night at POSH restaurant & supper club in the district…the charitable (and fashionable) guests enjoyed great music, crazy dancing, and excellent company on POSH’s two gorgeous levels. i had a wonderful time – everyone looked spectacular, i met mike green from the washington capitals – GO CAPS! – and saw tons of my favorite socialites. best of all, the evening helped to generate money for the hospital – a very worthy cause.




the great people from children’s hospital.

ashley taylor + katie tarbox made an appearance.

a few of the lovely ladies of the evening.

marybeth coleman + roby penn.

dancing-in-the-dark-12.jpg dancing-in-the-dark-17.jpg

grace easby-smith + mike green.

i love her glasses.

i LOVE this photo.

dancing-in-the-dark-20.jpg dancing-in-the-dark-10.jpg
there were happy couples everywhere i looked!

and now, the dancing:

dancing-in-the-dark-21.jpg dancing-in-the-dark-23.jpg



dancing-in-the-dark-22.jpg dancing-in-the-dark-25.jpg


possible my favorite photo of the night – representing with the random pooh hat…HILarious!

and of course, a big thanks to the awesome guys at POSH!

* * *
to see all the photos from this event please click here.



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7 responses to “dancing after dark.

  1. Jaime Fan

    You need to know that you are not only a fabulous photographer but you cover events with the utmost integrity, sophistication and positive attitude. In a city of questionable photographers, writers, blogs and publications, you are truly a class act!

  2. Jaime Fan #2

    I totally agree! You made Posh even that much more fun!

  3. WOW! thank you so much – what an incredible compliment. i absolutely LOVE what i do and after years in the district i continue to refuse to partake in the media negativity that is all too prevalent.

    i really enjoy being part of the events in dc and am honored that washington’s fun, young, stylish crowd of benefactors + socialites keeps smiling for my camera!

  4. I like your photos. Especially the candid/actions shots toward the end. Thanks so much for posting.

  5. awww, i miss DC parties. Looks like a great event.

  6. MK

    lovely event, Himay!

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