cricket cat.

ever since i posted about sam + ginger’s doggie photoshoot everyone has been asking if i have any dogs or pets – and the answer is yes!

meet cricket [the notorious 21-year-old cat that i’ve had since i was a little girl] and her “brother” sammy, who belongs to my mom. cricket has had a lot of dogs in her life – poodles, golden retrievers, mutts – but we only ever had one cat! yay for cricket!

cricket-small112007.jpg sam-small112007.jpg



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4 responses to “cricket cat.

  1. MK

    Meeeerowwwwwwwwwwwww. That’s the sound Cricket makes when I’m on the phone with you. She’s cute for an old lady. :-)

  2. Dad

    Jaime, crick-kat is looking good! I swear Sam is Rudy come back. A little bigger a little darker, not bad for a second life?????? (Rudy returns) SO glad i’m back on line to read your stuff. It makes my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love u more Dad

  3. k.s.

    cricket iz famous. i’z kinda scared a her tho.

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