i recently participated (along with some 300+ photographers!) in a thanksgiving inspired photo contest to express that which i was most thankful for this year.

this was a difficult challenge, especially when i feel so lucky and so thankful for so many things in my life.
foremost i am thankful for all the opportunities that i have been given to grow my career as a photographer because of all my clients and fellow photographers who believed in my talent. every day i feel so lucky for each opportunity to meet incredible people and document their lives and the moments most important to them.

i am also thankful for the amazing, supportive, encouraging people in my life – my family and friends truly enhance my life in way i can’t even begin to describe.

but for this contest i immediately thought of a photo i snapped last week in pacific beach, while out in san diego…

for while i am incredibly thankful for all that i am able to do, i am eternally grateful for the inspiring actions of the people who are working to change the world for the better – the citizens of the world who devote their lives to others and who sacrifice their individual comfort for the comfort of many.

and so, i am most thankful for all the people working for PEACE in the world.


see all the thankful images from the contest here. and check out the creative submission by my favorite photog and great friend MK, one of the many people i am very thankful to have in my life!


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  1. MK

    ::sniff sniff:: I love you, girl! I am so grateful for you and and so thankful that you are my friend, and my partner in crime/photography. (and yes, it’s 4:10am)

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