it’s just starting to get chilly – really chilly – here in dc, and that means the leaves all around the city seem to be exploding in the vivid shades of fall. it’s easy to take it for granted, but the colors are simply spectacular…and i looove color!
these images are for my dad, who loves this time of year and keeps asking me about the weather and the trees…i know he will enjoy this as he continues to soak up the sunny florida weather and i start to fear a frosty winter!


library-531.jpg library-532.jpg

leaves7.jpg leaves4.jpg

leaves8.jpg leaves9.jpg


leaves6.jpg leaves3.jpg



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4 responses to “fall…finally!

  1. Chris

    Hi Jaime, I love the fall colors. It’s my favorite time of year and I get so homesick when I see these beautiful pictures.

  2. MK

    PRETTY! (I miss you)

  3. Dad

    Jaime, the pictures are beautiful, thank you. I miss the fall season the most. The crisp air and the smell of fireplaces in the evening. It’s just about 540pm and the sun is starting to set. Its 78 degrees, not bad for Thanksgiving day!!
    See you next friday. I’ll bring some FL. warm with me.
    Love you more – Dad

  4. k.s.

    i got inspired by you (this post) and walked around my neighborhood taking fall pix of my own. not this quality but they make me happy.

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