yvon + seth.

yvon + seth are married! theirs was a wonderfully intimate ceremony at the city tavern club in georgetown saturday evening…
yvon was having her hair and makeup done with her maid of honor, sister, and niece at the red door spa – yvon is so cute and we laughed and chatted the whole time. i’ve been so excited about shooting her wedding – in the last few months we’ve become friends so it was great to be with her all day. yvon is such an exhuberant, awesome girl – you can’t help but have a good time when you’re with her! seth is more the strong, silent type – they are such a perfect match.
the ceremony was held (so appropriately!) in the bliss room at the ctc, where the reverend read some of adam smith’s philosophy (they both work in finance) and both seth and yvon’s sisters delivered touching poems about love. they also incorporated a water ceremony – each pouring different colored water from seperate vases into one – a further symbol of their new unity.
after a lively cocktail reception on the terrace (yay for warm october nights!) guests enjoyed a lavish dinner followed by a very entertaining slideshow put together by the talented and hardworking groom – good job seth! everyone was treated to absolutely adorable photos of seth and yvon through the years – it was very funny…
afterwards, the rockin’ winn brothers band announced the newlyweds for their first dance – a perfectly choreographed number! it was great – everyone cheered and seth’s mom was so amazed at his skills! the band played all yvon’s favorite songs – including vanilla ice’s ever popular ice, ice, baby – good thing i occupied with the camera – otherwise it could have been yet another karaoke performance -ha!
there were some incredible dance moves going on and everyone had a fantastic time – especially yvon! the huge smile never left her face as she danced the night away with her family and friends…and HUSBAND!

congratulations yvon + seth! i am so very happy you and can’t wait to you both soon – what an incredible day!

*now please enjoy the *longest* blog i have ever posted!!



library-344.jpg library-346.jpg


library-350.jpg library-349.jpg




library-359.jpg library-362.jpg


library-351.jpg pumpkin.jpg


library-367.jpg library-365.jpg


library-374.jpg library-397.jpg

library-379.jpg library-381.jpg




…and onto the dancing/high-fiving portion of the evening!















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7 responses to “yvon + seth.

  1. MK

    looks great! Nice job, lady!

  2. Anshu

    Yvon and Seth,

    Wow! Great pics! You both look great and your wedding looked like so much fun! Congrats!!


  3. Greg


    Congratulations! Looks like the wedding was incredible! I am so happy for you!

    Love, Greg Cohen

  4. Dianne

    Congratulations Yvon & Seth! The photos are terrific! I love the “kiss on the dance floor”! Your bouquet of orchids is amazing and everything looked just perfect! Congrats again to you both!

  5. Susan Johnson

    Congratulations Seth and Yvon! I am Donna’s good friend from Auburn. The last time I saw Seth I think he was about 7 or 8 yrs. old. What a handsome man you have become, Seth. I wish you every happiness.

  6. Tim Kenny

    Fantastic pictures; great couple; classic event. Congratulations Yvon and Seth!!

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