andrea + tim: engagement photos.

ok – let me tell you how much i loooooooove this couple!
andrea + tim are a breath of fresh air – they are young, energetic, totally silly, and TOTALLY head-over-heels in love!
andrea lives in south dakota and tim lives in dc…so they pretty much spend all their time chatting on the phone and planning as many weekends together as possible. they are both from huge families (they each have 8 siblings!) and they have tons in common, including their great personalities. this weekend andrea was in dc so we met at the lincoln memorial and then headed to georgetown – andrea even showed me photos from when tim proposed on the beach in california in the cab! too cute!

we had a blast running around the city, these two were up for anything – laying in the grass, piggy back rides, a stroll along the canal, tim even attempted to dramatically dip andrea – which went all wrong! it’s ok, they have plenty of time before the wedding to perfect it ;)
nonetheless, the shoot was a fantastic success, i have about 100 photos of them just absolutely hysterically laughing. it was a lot of fun, and i am so glad to have met these two, and who knows? i might even make it to south dakota for the wedding next year…

a huge congrats to andrea + tim!


img_3666.jpg img_3626.jpg


img_3726.jpg ring.jpg


img_3853.jpg img_3873.jpg


img_3939.jpg img_3931.jpg

img_3947.jpg img_3909.jpg


img_3883.jpg img_3638.jpg



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2 responses to “andrea + tim: engagement photos.

  1. MK

    OMG! Jaime! This is some of the best stuff I’ve ever seen you do- a few of these are truly AMAZING! Ahhh! Such good work, girlie!

  2. yay! thank you so much MK – i can’t take all of the credit though, this couple was incredible! i’m just happy to be able to capture their magic in the photos ;)

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