kelly + todd.

kelly + todd tied the knot saturday afternoon at st. isaac jogues catholic church and then headed up to the beechtree golf club for the reception – such a great location! the room overlooked the greens, and everyone took advantage of the awesome balcony and great weather.

kelly’s eight-year-old son jake was such a cutie – a total ham for the camera and all-around great kid – from handing the rings to kelly + todd, to delivering the intentions at the church, to showing off his great dance moves, jake was the man. kelly is so lucky to have two incredible guys in her life, and they make a perfectly beautiful family.

the best man kicked things off with a heartfelt toast and then the party got started…the dancefloor was packed the entire time, with guests getting down to “shout”, “bust a move” and even a little polka during the dollar dance. the guests were true papparazzi – everyone had a camera, all the time, including the bride! she even brought her SLR onto the dancefloor at one point! totally crazy!

the funniest part of the day was when i took a photo of todd’s mom with former oriole tippy martinez – who happened to be kelly’s best friend’s dad, and a close friend of the family. he gave her a kiss on the cheek and she was on cloud nine – a huge baseball fan, and loyal oriole…she even pointed out to me how her husband resembles cal ripken…coincidence??

mk and i had an absolute blast watching everyone have so much fun, and seeing how happy kelly + todd make each other. best of luck to them both, and i know they can’t wait for their november honeymoon in belize, and disney cruise in 2008!

img_1879.jpg img_1907a.jpg


img_1901.jpg img_1918.jpg





img_2203.jpg img_2155.jpg


img_2383.jpg img_2387.jpg











congrats, jake, kelly and todd!


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