have a blonde holiday!

wishing everyone a holiday full of blonde memories…

the blonde photo 2009 holiday card!

once again, the super talented + fun quinn peyser has created a phenomenal holiday postcard for blonde photo! yay!

i’m officially closing down the office and heading out on the road tomorrow – traveling the up + down the east coast, visiting family + friends and celebrating the holidays! i’m sending out hundreds of these joyous little postcards, but if you’re not on my mailing list please enjoy this e-version and have a fabulous holiday season!

here’s to love, life, and memories worth capturing!



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have a blonde holiday!

capture the fun this holiday season!


presenting the blonde photo holiday card!

a HUGE thanks to my amazing designer, the fabulous quinn peyser, for creating this phenomenal holiday card! my good friends at next day sign express did an incredible print job and i’m spending today writing out my holiday wishes to all of my family, friends + clients! look for your holiday postcard in your mailbox soon, and enjoy the e-version if you’re not on my mailing list!

happy holidays!!


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