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key west.

i love key west.

sunset dinner at louis’ backyard – the unparalleled view from our table.

a few of my very favorite images from one of my all-time favorite places – key west! i could write forever about this fabulous island, but this time i’ll let the photos tell the story…enjoy!

the best way to arrive in key west – via the overseas highway, US RT1 from miami.

i can see havana on my gps. awesome.

hello cuba!

i *love* this.

pepe’s is the oldest, and best, place to eat in key west.


happiness is a blue door, a mermaid on your roof and a bicycle.


the infamous, rampant key west chickens!



key west was built with bricks from baltimore!

one of hemingway’s unique six-toed cats…


public trash cans downtown each have a unique, sassy message promoting cleanliness.


sunset at mallory square.

* * * 

key west: new year’s!

key west: aquarium!



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key west: aquarium!

a hands-on experience.


one of our favorite experiences in key west was the aquarium – a small, humble home to so many incredible sea creatures! the key west aquarium has endured hurricanes and natural disasters, but remains an awesome institution that cares for the ocean community :) everyone there is so nice, and we got a great little tour of the facility and learned about the great work it does. john especially loved the “petting tank” where you could (gently!) play with the sea creatures!


sea urchin!

horseshoe crab!

street art.

sea star!

the next tank over had sharks!


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key west: new year’s eve!

hello 2009!


i stole away to key west to ring in 2009 and it was amazing! think relaxed island vibe meets new orleans’ bourbon street madness…

true to key west standards, the new year’s celebration is full of competing traditions, which makes is the perfect place to revel in whatever type of party you fancy. from one end of the island to the other, revelers spilled out of jammed bars with live music and crazy cocktails, popping champagne in the streets and tossing mardi gras beads to the crowd. we started the evening at schooner’s wharf where we watched as the pirate wench hoisted herself up the liberty clipper and prepared to descend at midnight. we got a sneak peek as they practiced firing the cannon and lit the mast, before heading into the madness of duval street. a sea of people streamed along the infamous main drag of downtown key west, gathering in front of sloppy joes for the annual dropping of the conch shell. we decided to make our way all the way down duval to take in the spectacle at bourbon street pub where Sushi, a renowned local drag queen, descended in a life-size red high heel  shoe! it was packed, it was crazy, and it was truly fabulous.

the key west conch shell by day…

…and late at night.

the pirate wench at schooners wharf.

revelers party in the streets.



the infamous red high heel.



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reverse road trip.

on the road again.

after a fantastic week in florida – equal parts work/vacay – i turned around and trekked the 900 miles back up I-95 to dc…i stopped for a lovely breakfast in savannah and could easily have spent all day wandering it’s quaint and funky downtown…i only allowed myself an hour, then it was back to the highway. in response to the last post on south of the border my friend casey reminded me how firework “enthusiastic” these southern states are. at times you can’t go a mile without seeing multiple billboards announcing the ultimate discounts on fireworks, and there are often as many firework warehouses as gas stations off any given exit. i can honestly say i’ve never purchased, or had the desire to purchase fireworks. so therefore all the hype seems more than a tad extravagant to me…perhaps i’m missing out on something?


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jason l brandt: los angeles.

hitting the streets in west hollywood.

once again i had the pleasure of photographing the actor jason l brandt – this time on the sunny streets of los angeles. we first met on a snowy afternoon at the sundance film festival earlier this year…i learned that actors are so expressive that one shoot could bring about so many different looks, so many different aspects of his personality.

i really enjoy portrait sessions like this…i relish the opportunity to work closely with people and learn about them. it’s an incredible experience to try and figure out who they are and then capture that in the photos.

jason has so many different looks, and i really think i was able to capture so much of his personality in the photos, particularly these moody shots from the end of the day, late in the afternoon…


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south of the border.

revisiting the mecca of my childhood.

on wednesday i set out on a 900-mile road trip down the east coast. following 95 south from dc i passed into virignia, then north carolina, recalling the simlilarities and differences of this trip to florida. when i was young, my family traveled down to florida a few times a year – always making the familiar 15-hour drive down 95. these trips were so exciting to me – not just because of the destination (florida! grandma mary dot’s house! the beach! and of course, disney – the playground of my youth.) but also because i thoroughly enjoyed the journey. i loved watching all the passing cars, counting the miles, and marking down statistics: the time between stops, the price of gas, the number of miles in each state, even the number of times we heard certain popular songs on the radio. by and far the most memorable thing about the florida trip was south of the border – a crazy pit stop on the border of the carolinas full of strange statues, colorful restaurants and souvenir shops inspired by and devoted to all things mexcian. billboards begin advertising south of the border at least 150 miles away, and pop up every few miles with quirky messages like: “YOU NEVER SAUSAGE A PLACE!” and “CHILI TODAY, HOT TAMALE!” as well as plenty of pleas from pedro to stop for “free advice” and of course, fireworks.
south of the border, i discovered the other day, is both as fantastic and terrible as i remembered it. i loved getting out of the car (after 6 hours of driving) and exploring the eerie statues and brightly painted buildings – viva pedro!




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