reverse road trip.

on the road again.

after a fantastic week in florida – equal parts work/vacay – i turned around and trekked the 900 miles back up I-95 to dc…i stopped for a lovely breakfast in savannah and could easily have spent all day wandering it’s quaint and funky downtown…i only allowed myself an hour, then it was back to the highway. in response to the last post on south of the border my friend casey reminded me how firework “enthusiastic” these southern states are. at times you can’t go a mile without seeing multiple billboards announcing the ultimate discounts on fireworks, and there are often as many firework warehouses as gas stations off any given exit. i can honestly say i’ve never purchased, or had the desire to purchase fireworks. so therefore all the hype seems more than a tad extravagant to me…perhaps i’m missing out on something?



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4 responses to “reverse road trip.

  1. Haha. I can’t believe you were only a few hours from us! :)

    You know, Fireworks were illegal in GA until a couple of years ago (most still are, actually), so everyone would drive to Florida or Tennessee or Alabama to get their 4th of July supply. (Odd, right, that since it they were/are illegal here, we just go somewhere else to get them and bring them back. Ha.)

    Thus the intensive billboard campaign. ;)

  2. k.s.

    you know we heart explosives in texas… they “light” up my life.

  3. jessi

    really like the firework signs, so retro.

  4. I like how you adjusted the colors on the fireworks pics – they look like an old 70s polaroid.

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