key west: aquarium!

a hands-on experience.


one of our favorite experiences in key west was the aquarium – a small, humble home to so many incredible sea creatures! the key west aquarium has endured hurricanes and natural disasters, but remains an awesome institution that cares for the ocean community :) everyone there is so nice, and we got a great little tour of the facility and learned about the great work it does. john especially loved the “petting tank” where you could (gently!) play with the sea creatures!


sea urchin!

horseshoe crab!

street art.

sea star!

the next tank over had sharks!



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4 responses to “key west: aquarium!

  1. Keith

    Love the EOS shirt…and I love this “left-justified” site

  2. Those shots are AMAZING! I’ve always wanted to hold a starfish!

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  4. That is pretty sweet, but shouldn’t it be more prominent in the picture :)

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