cheers from vancouver island!

orcas and bears and geese, oh my!

kayaking with killer whales in the johnstone strait, vancouver island, BC.

just a quick sneak peek from my adventures in the great white north — after exploring the east coast of vancouver island from nanaimo to campbell river and all the way to port mcneill, venturing out into the johnstone strait and knight’s inlet from telegraph cove, we are currently soaking up the sun in qualicum beach before heading to the west coast — through the giant douglas firs onto ucluelet + tofino!

stay tuned!






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4 responses to “cheers from vancouver island!

  1. Dad & kathy

    WOW!!!! Looks like you are having a great time. Thought i told you to stay AWAY from the bears.Wonderful pictures, you look very happy and relaxed.Send more pics,and give us a call when you get home. all my love, Dad

  2. incredible. can’t wait to see more. xo

  3. WHOA!!!!

    It’s so cool how you took these at San Diego’s Wild Animal Park, and then made it look like it was actually somewhere else. It’s amazing what you professional photographers know how to do.

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