peace out.

next stop :: vancouver island, BC!

peace + love in shela — lamu island, kenya.

it’s been a very busy few months since i returned from kenya — i’ve photographed lots of amazing weddings, sessions, and events! by now everyone knows that my all-out photo marathons always give way to long trips!

i’m actually editing images from shela at 30,000 ft while en route to vancouver island for the next few weeks to unwind and explore! i plan on kayaking with orcas, camping with bears, fishing from helicopters, boarding my first seaplane, driving the logging roads and hiking the rugged coast!

photos from kenya + vancouver island to come in august when i return!




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5 responses to “peace out.

  1. Donna Lima

    Have a great trip and a very much well deserved VACATION!!!!

  2. CallMeNina

    I’d say have a great time, but with that agenda there’s no doubt you will. I’m green with envy! Waiting on the edge of my seat for those photos!

  3. christy

    okay…so i know i’ve said this before but WOW…i love your life :)

  4. the word awesomeness comes to mind :)

  5. Dad & kathy

    STAY AWAY FROM BEARS!!!! have fun, be safe,and e mail us with some of your pics and stories. love ya Dad & kathy

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