jambo kenya!

in just a few hours i’m headed back to africa!

for the next few weeks i will be traveling throughout kenya — i’m incredibly excited to see the country and learn about the work and lives of some very interesting people. i prefer to travel as spontaneously as possible, so my plans are still tentative and flexible – i haven’t figured out the where/when/how of everything, but i am certain it will be an amazing adventure!

on the agenda: documenting social work in nairobi, education and culture on the island of lamu, and research on the game reserves. some serious sailing and a quick trip to zanzibar are also in the works, as is pretty much anything else that presents itself! i plan to bring back some fantastic stories and great images and can’t wait to share it all with you!




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7 responses to “kenya!

  1. eva

    I’m so excited for you! you are going to bring back some amazing images! Safe travels and have fun!

  2. WOO HOO! You are going to love it there…can’t wait to hear your stories and photos from the trip! :)

  3. Dad

    well here goes my world traveler again!!!! have a wonderful trip,be safe and know your dad is thinking of you always.stay in contact,post post post………. remember be good and careful Love you call me Daddy……..

  4. amazing- have a great trip and be safe! xoxo

  5. christy


  6. Andy

    awesome! have a safe trip! and visit me at the restaurant when you are back! Enjoy your trip!

  7. Hope you’re having fun out there! Can’t wait to see your pictures…

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