shela on my mind.

when i close my eyes i am still…

…sailing past the mangroves aboard felice.

…approaching the village of shela, lamu island.

….watching the dhows glide through the water.

…looking up at the rooftops in the village.

…watching the sun set on the indian ocean.



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7 responses to “shela on my mind.

  1. I love the “floating” photograph, with the 4 sailboats…
    it’s very calming and serene…

    Thanks for sharing…

  2. Jillian


  3. So what’s the story with the Polaroid thing? You’re really shooting a Polaroid with film, not an iPhone app thingy?

  4. Dad

    your pics are great as usual, keep them coming i want to see it all!!! Glad your home safe and sound sure missed talking to you. thanks for the call today. Love you, call you tomorrow. all my love Dad

  5. christy

    glad to have you back…i’ve missed your updates…hope your trip was everything you hoped for and more

    love the sunset :)

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