preview: baby charlotte!

baby charlotte, 8 weeks.

i was so excited to finally meet baby charlotte today – yay! charlotte is the baby of one of my all-time favorite couples – the fabulous melinda + tim! of course charlotte is super cute, sweet as can be, and she has a little red mowhawk! love! more to come soon!



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8 responses to “preview: baby charlotte!

  1. i love this baby, how sweet is she!

  2. Charlotte's Mama

    Yay! We loved seeing you today. Thanks for posting a picture so soon- we love it.

  3. Emily G

    I loved it! Charlotte looks so cute and happy. Can’t wait to see more.

  4. Sheryl J.

    So adorable!! Auntie Sheryl’s excited to see all of the pics.

  5. Charlotte's Mama's Mama

    Good job, Jaime. Looks like Charlotte is loving the camera! :)

  6. Tracey

    Love this photo!!! Cant wait to see more.

  7. Vi Ham

    Adorable :) She looks so happy!!!

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