me + ringer – having too much fun in the photobooth at the last wedding of 2009.

i am thankful for so many things it’s silly…but most of all i’m simply thankful for being able to live a life that i love.

cheers to family that you love, friends that make you laugh, and all the turkey in the world!

happy thanksgiving :)



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5 responses to “thankful.

  1. i am thankful for having you in my life and for you being one of my besties:)

  2. ooh! me too, me too! i love you both! cheers to my 2 favorite blondies & amazing family and friends! xoxo

  3. yay qp! i am thankful for you too as a bestie:)

  4. lian yuen

    we are thankful for the 2 blonde photogs that rocked our wedding day like true rockstars! we <3 you both!

  5. and we LOVE the yuens!! have the BEST honeymoon ever – a big, fabulous wedding blog will await your return!!

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