stephanie + steven: engaged!

virginia is for lovers.


ok, i’ll admit it – i’m starting to fall in love with old town. as a dc girl (and born + raised in maryland) i’ve always been slightly leery of my southern neighbor state and long considered everything worthwhile to lay within the district lines. virginia seemed far and foreign, but not in a good way. however, as i am discovering (thanks to amazingly fun couples like stephanie + steven as well as dailycandy) northern virginia is great. it’s cute, it’s quaint, and some of the nooks + crannies of old town have a really good vibe. plus, i dig their slogan and whole-heartedly agree – virginia is for lovers! – and old town is ridiculously sweet for shooting.

back to stephanie + steven…i received a call from steven (ps *love* when the boys get involved and take charge of photography!) and learned that both he + stephanie are journalists who are also passionate about photography (steven having written + shot for natgeo in cairo) and itching for an engagement session. i was able to squeeze them in during my edit marathon weekend last saturday and met up with them at their cute apartment in arlington. after exploring old town (and hitting up the above ICE building that stephanie has had her *great* eye on!) we stopped by the waterfront and then headed back to their apartment. talent runs deep with these two, and steven broke out his guitar and played and sang for stephanie on their couch and i loved being able to capture that as well!

loving this couple and these photos so much! they are headed to louisville next year to tie the knot in stephanie’s home state of kentucky – woohoo!


















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5 responses to “stephanie + steven: engaged!

  1. so cute! love old town. love this couple;)

  2. love love love these :-)

  3. these are fantastic, himiny! they are super cute!

  4. jamie richards

    LOVE the last one especially!

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