kristi + jon: engaged!

laughter + kisses.


last sunday i met kristi + jon at gayfields farm on gibson island for their amazing engagement session. i absolutely love shooting in the city, but i was so excited for a change of scenery and was absolutely delighted to discover a pristine horse farm located right on the water. the three of us explored the entire area, wandering through the wooded grounds, walking along the sandy shore, hanging out on the pier and lingering in the horse stables. it was like a fun field trip!

even better, kristi + jon are one of the cutest, happiest, couples i’ve ever photographed – as evidenced by the fact that they are either laughing or kissing (or both!) in every single photograph. these two have amazing energy and are total love birds – i saw it the first time we met and it was fantastic to spend the evening getting to know them in such a gorgeous place. their wedding will be one of the highlights of 2010 and i cannot wait!

people in love make me happy :) 

so here’s to love and here’s to my first official couple for 2010!



















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8 responses to “kristi + jon: engaged!

  1. cutest! they look so incredibly happy! :)

  2. Rose

    Jaime that last shot is absolutely gorgeous. I still want to be you when I grow up!

  3. i love these they are so romantic! my favorite is that last one :-)

  4. Donna

    These are amazing, I love the location!!!

  5. these are so cute! what a fun loving couple!!! great work himay:)

  6. mamasita

    beautifully done ! …i thought i had a favorite, but…oh no…
    they all are !

  7. SU alumn

    I went to school with both of them and I can say that I knew Kristi and within their first few weeks of dating,I knew they were the cutest couple ever!!! You have photographed them beautifully and i’m glad you got to know them to really bring out the best of their relationship. :) Kudos!!!

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