alex + toby: lifestyle session.

alex + toby + jaxon + baby (coming soon!)


alex + toby are having a baby!

i absolutely adore alex and i was so excited to spend the afternoon with her + toby, and of course their amazing dog jaxon! jax is a sweetheart and this new baby is so lucky to get such a fabulous family! i met alex at her house for a few very candid and relaxed maternity shots – she is 8 months pregnant and looks gorgeous. radiant and funny as ever, i loved being around alex and seeing how excited and ready she is to be a mom! toby is equally anxious, and i had a great time photographing them together in old town alexandria. i can’t wait to meet the new baby and see how cute it is! they don’t know what they are having but alex’s friends swear it’s a boy from the way she carries! i don’t know about all that, but i do know that anyone who looks that good and runs around town in heels at 8 months pregnant is one hot mama! 

alex + toby: thank you for spending the afternoon with me! i am so excited and can’t wait to meet your baby! you are going to be the best parents ever!

the notorious mother’s day photo



jaxon leaped into the crib…not sure if he’s ready for a new baby.








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7 responses to “alex + toby: lifestyle session.

  1. I love these!! What a cute family and I want Jaxon. The picture of him in the crib is hilarious!!! The 2nd to last picture is my favorite ;) Very cute!!

  2. Chantal

    Cuteness! I also love the kissing pic.

  3. beautiful! is it weird that i would want a print of the dog in the crib? it’s perfect in every way :)

  4. Cef

    Can we borrow Jaxon for a weekend?


  5. Hanagans

    Photos look beautiful. Jaxon may be the baby now, but we’re anxiously waiting for Baby Pare in the neighborhood!

  6. Zeba

    Love the pics — really like the one of Jaxon in the crib looking slightly bewildered! You all look really happy and glowy…congrats!

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