arlington national cemetery.

a place of rest for our nation’s heros.


today i visited arlington national cemetery for the first time. my grandmother is in town, and we ventured to the cemetery to visit the grave of my uncle ricky who died in vietnam in 1969. although she has visited his grave many times over the last 40 years it is still an emotional journey and i was grateful for the opportunity to be by her side today. 

it was a cool, sunny afternoon and apart from the groups of tourists near the visitors center and the notable grave sites of JFK and others, the grounds were very quiet. in the far reaches of section 17 we were completely alone as we searched the rows for his name, and found it tucked under the shade of a large tree, close to the edge of the grounds.

the cemetery is hauntingly beautiful – endless rows of gravestones mark the resting place of veterans and military casualties from every war in our nation’s history. over 300,000 men + women are buried here, making it the second-largest national cemetery. during our visit we witnessed a horse + carriage funeral procession, an all too common occurance, with funerals taking place five days a week and totaling approximately 6,400 each year. 

we were both overcome by sadness and grief – not only for ricky but for all those who lost their lives fighting and suffering in war. however heavy our hearts, the visit was a wonderful way to honor and remember those who have sacrificed for us. seeing my uncle’s grave was very emotional for me – i was filled with remorse, anger, and sadness, but i left with an incredible sense of pride.

to live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.
– thomas campbell






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8 responses to “arlington national cemetery.

  1. amazing and powerful shots.

  2. kseidlphoto

    i’ve been there a bunch and it’s easy to feel disassociated by the sheer scale. 22 years old.. brings it home, though. pretty incredible, himay. thanks for the share.

  3. those are amazing. see why i like cemeteries so much:)

  4. MK

    very sobering post, himay. with joe being in the military, you know how i feel about this place. it deserves great respect and reverence. thanks for posting this today. xoxo.

  5. as close as it is…i’ve still never been. i can imagine the emotional roller coaster that would grab hold of me.

    the people that reside there touch us all in some way — some more than others. without their ultimate sacrifice, we wouldn’t be viewing this blog post.

    great imaging as always jaime. thanks for taking us there.

  6. these are beautiful, himiny. sounds like you had a great day with your grandma. thanks for being my eyes to an amazing place.

  7. Ric

    wonderful shots

  8. Chris

    Very emotional seeing those photos. Thank you to all our service men who give to our country so we can be free!

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