the blonde creative.

a creative venture of blonde photo.
bringing blondes together. inspiring people of every hair color.


i couldn’t be more excited to share the most awesome news with everyone – the blonde creative is here! hooray!

the blonde creative was an idea i came up with forever ago to help promote the amazing artists that i know, as well as the people and ideas that inspire me. i wanted to create a virtual collection of amazing talent that i could share with anyone who wants to be inspired. beyond this simple idea for essentially a collective art blog, i knew i wanted it to be an umbrella organization that could connect people – a place for aspiring artists to find mentors, for working artists to collaborate with other artists across all mediums, and for potential clients to seek out photographers, designers, and more! it’s very much a project, not a company – it’s an organic, non-profit creative group that seeks to help artists and benefit all. as it grows it will be a fantastic resource for promoting art appreciation for everyone it reaches. what could be better?

however, i’m getting ahead of myself. right now the blonde creative is a brand new venture – still mostly a concept that will function as an art blog maintained by me, with the help and input of my favorite artist friends. as it grows i hope it will become a source of daily inspiration and a fantastic resource for art lovers + makers alike! furthermore, i plan on debuting the blonde creative at this year’s honfest (see previous post honfest 2009!) where key members of the blonde creative will be representing this new art initiative!

most importantly, the blonde creative would still be one of the many fanciful ideas swimming around in my head if it wasn’t for my amazing friend and blonde cohort quinn peyser who gave the blonde creative its killer logo, brand new blog, and facebook fan page! even more, she convinced me to start twittering! so now you can follow the blonde creative tweets!

and here’s a little blurb from the site – i’m sure most of you will recognize the names of the initial members!

the blonde creative is a project initiated by blonde photo that aims to promote + share amazing creative talent across all mediums of art. focusing on, but not limited to, photography + design, the blonde creative will showcase individuals who are creating unique + fabulous work.

* * *

the inspiration behind the blonde creative

jessi ringer, 5ringsphoto
quinn peyser, quinnep doodles
mary kate mckenna, mary kate mckenna photography
kim seidl, kim seidl photography

* * *



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2 responses to “the blonde creative.

  1. Wait a minute… are all those girls blondes? Hmm…

  2. kseidlphoto

    i’m a blonde at heart!

    this is SOO cool, himay! can’t wait to see how this evolves!

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