snow falling on the district.

a snow day in chinatown.


the district succumbed to stillness today under a few inches of snowfall. chinatown – or “times square” as we lovingly refer to it – was quieter than i’ve ever seen it this afternoon. honestly, it was surreal, and kind of nice. hello snowy march!








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5 responses to “snow falling on the district.

  1. iheartfilm

    These are rich – a balance of color and neutrality.


  2. So pretty! You rock for going out in the cold, white stuff. I couldn’t be bothered to take pictures past my driveway with the point-and-shoot. ; )

  3. I too got my 5DmkII out in the snow – Arlington Cemetery… and i am head over heals nuts about this camera!

  4. I really like the photo of just the corner of the Chinatown arch. perfect and still.

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