mateo: littlest heroes session.

hello mateo!


i was so excited to meet mateo + his family last weekend for my very first littlest heroes project session! the session was exactly the same as any of my lifestyle sessions – i spent the morning playing with mateo, letting him show me his favorite toys, his star wars bedroom, his awesome swing set, and of course, his amazing spiderman moves! talk about a superhero! although mateo is struggling with developmental disabilities, his shining personality, capacity for laughter + love, and ability to make everyone around him smile are far advanced! he is a very sweet 4 years old who loves to color, loves trucks, has a wild and active imagination, and is very loved by his incredible parents.



mateo was officially the first person to use the new MKII!

mateo’s self portrait! 

so expressive!

mateo showing off his spiderman moves!



very spiderman-esque!





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11 responses to “mateo: littlest heroes session.

  1. what an amazing little man! i love all of these. amazing job, himiny!

  2. mamasita

    beautiful! your talent for capturing moments in life is truly a gift…and i am so proud that you are able to share it with everyone you meet! you help everyone see the beauty and love in the world.

  3. Alexandra

    Incredible pictures. Mateo is a handsome looking boy! Congrats.

  4. Love these shots! So beautiful, Jaime! =)

  5. Andrea DeKroon

    I am Mateo’s aunt and I am so impressed with these pictures! You have totally captured his spirit. Thank you!!!

  6. Elizabeth

    Mateo will have a good job in Hollywood,
    He is so photogenic!

  7. Aunt Mahi

    As another proud aunt of Mateo, I can only reiterate how handsome, athletic and adventuresome this precious young man is! How prideful I am feeling right now!

  8. he’s a little hero indeed.
    star wars = awesome!

  9. Chris

    Very nice! He is so darn adorable!

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  11. Linda Cattanach

    You have certainly captured the spirit and joy of our wonderful, precious, and handsome grandson Mateo. Thank you for such a splendid gift depicting our beloved boy.

    MeMe and Grandpa Charles

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