chuck taylor + weddings.

new season, new shoes.

hello wedding chucks!

in 2008 i rocked my “wedding pumas” at most of my client’s celebrations. fully stocked with 2 or 3 variations on the fanciest pumas to compliment my stylish wedding photog attire, i was so siked at how excited everyone was to see their photographer kickin it in pumas. the idea is that i want to dress as simple + chic as possible at my weddings, and since i can often be found army crawling down a church aisle, grooving on the dance floor or climbing on furniture to get the best shot, my footwear must keep up with me! this year the pumas will still be in effect but i’m also introducing this sweet custom pair of chucks into the rotation. thanks to my newest ’09 bride rita for alerting me to the custom design feature on the converse website – so awesome!



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4 responses to “chuck taylor + weddings.

  1. i heart skulls. & himiny, too!

  2. awesome! you’ll be matching us ! ;-)

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