inauguration 2009: an early look!

dc buzzes with pre-dawn crowds.

hundreds of people wait to enter the mall at 3rd + D NW, 6:45am.

i headed out of my apartment this morning to get a look at the crowds and a feel for the city before dawm and i was amazed at the number of people already out! it was freezing (15 degrees!) and military police + hummers lined the barricaded streets, but everyone was in such good spirits – singing, dancing, and chatting as they streamed towards the mall. i continue to be amazed by how polite and considerate everyone is despite the crowds – there is no chaos, just excitement. there were vendors selling tshirts, buttons, and brochures, good samaritans giving out free hot coffee, and people linked arm-in-arm with friends + family decked out in obama gear. i found myself next to local musician nechesa morgan who, hailing from dc but now lives in new york, was playing her obama inauguration song – so awesome! i plan on heading back out in a few hours – one of the benefits of living so close to the capitol, even with the crowds i’m just a short walk from the action!

enjoy – and happy inauguration!

today’s washington post!

hummers + barricades along 3rd street.

serious police presence.

free hot coffee!

musician nechesa morgan.



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14 responses to “inauguration 2009: an early look!

  1. Totally awesome Jaime, keep these coming!!

  2. thank you for capturing such historical moments for us all!

  3. while i’m sittin’ in the burbs hiding from the crowds, it’s wonderful to see these pictures that i’m sure are capturing the emotion perfectly. thanks for being my eyes. :)

  4. MK

    I love these, Himay. They mean so much!

  5. How cool that you’re just steps away from the action! The images are fantastic. You’re going to love having these years from now.

  6. i can’t even imagine the excitement you must be feeling when you’re out there! these are wonderful!!

  7. Kat

    The newspaper picture is awesome. I’m so excited you’re taking pictures and posting! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Jillian

    Yay! Thanks for documenting this all so well!

  9. Awesome shots himay, pretty impressive you have them up so quickly!

  10. Chris

    Wow enjoy every moment of this historic day, I know you will. Alex and I wish we could have been there. We will have to live vicariously through your photos.

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  12. Fantastic photos! I esp. love that newspaper shot …

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